Steve Jewell

Big Bear Digital

Since graduating in Music from Durham University in 2010, Steve has been involved with marketing and running businesses in various industries; from designing online magazine adverts for a lifestyle company, through freelance web design, to being a Pub Landlord!

In 2013 he started working for a UK online marketing company called Urban Media and with a big focus on the local community he became involved with a number of business groups and community events. His main role at Urban Media was to help his clients discover their business goals and utilise his own marketing and business experience, as well as Urban Media’s online marketing expertise, to ensure these goals are achieved.

In November 2015 Steve founded Big Bear Digital. He started this with one core purpose in mind; to help small businesses get the most out of their online presence. Helping small businesses take a step back and work out what they want to achieve from their website is what Steve specialises in. It’s not just about building you a great website and helping your target audience find that website; that’s only the beginning! It is about ensuring you and your company succeeds. Steve doesn’t just want to watch your business grow from the sidelines; through internet marketing he wants to actively work with you to create that growth for your business.

Big Bear Digital is a website design and digital marketing company. They encourage small businesses to look at the big picture. They don’t just create great looking websites, at Big Bear Digital they help business owners to understand what they want (and need!) to get out of their web presence and give them a digital marketing strategy that makes a real difference. In short, they create websites with a Big Bear Difference!

Business Through Referrals has given me a brilliant foundation upon which to build my business. I’ve met both clients and suppliers through this group, but more than that I’ve met fellow business owners that have become great friends and been a massive support network for me in growing my business. I really can’t recommend this group highly enough; if you’re serious about finding more business in Salisbury, you need to try BTR.