So what was everyone looking for this morning?

Amanda Foster – A different set of eyeballs looking at your business, giving you a different perspective.
Caroline Treleaven – Looking after your travel needs anywhere, anytime… your ‘Martini Travel Counseller’. Much safer than the internet!
Kevin Smith – Introductions to schools please! Just finished printing a school magazine… saved the school a lot of money!
Tim Mynott – Business plans and cash flow forecasts for small businesses. Starting a bespoke hotel down in Dorset.
Mark Ward – Lots of people in the UK who are struggling. Help other people to dance in the rain… volunteers needed!
Ed Esdon – Journalism in the Valley News! Vertical thatch article this month, and they are talking about green roofs next month!
Sven Hocking – The Martinis of the catering world! Anytime! Anywhere! Know anyone that needs feeding? Speak to Sven!
Jo Broom – Building real relationships between patient and carers. Good continuity and good care!
Kevin Daley – H&S, Food Safety and Training Courses. ‘Campobacteria’ is responsible for 80% of food poisoning in the UK.
Philip Haskell – Looking for a new member of staff for the commercial insurance part of the business.
Sarah Fletcher – Anyone who suffers with allergy problems. Remedies for sore and watering eyes… know a hayfever sufferer?
Chris Jolly – Had a case settled last week instead of going to court… the others side gave in! Property dispute? Speak to Chris.
Adam Nanson – Independant Mortgage Adviser. Banks will not look at the whole of market! Use a broker to find the right mortgage for you.
Sean Canham – Supply cars and commercial vehicles; both outright purchase and funded options. Anyone with a large family, who surfs or does cycling!
Jane Butler – James Bond theme… Jane from the Bond! Going on holiday at short notice? You don’t have to use any of your points!
Andrew Featherstone – Starting up a new online membership forum and courses for budding property investors.
David Brown – Finance for property auctions… saving people money on bridging finance (0.5% instead of 1.5% per month)!
Lynn & Jamie – Variety is the spice of life! Important to have both a variety of jobs and a variety of clients! All sorts of work for all sorts of people.
Steve Jewell – Big Bear Does Boxing! Raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Great Presentation from Amanda Foster at Hector Merrywheather this morning.


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