Cognatum Testimonial for There4U
As Estate Manager at the above independent living retirement scheme, I am writing to confirm that I have received many compliments about the service provided by There4U for three owners at Cognatum Bemerton Farm, who have engaged their services.

One lady wished me to let There4U know that she believes the service provided by them (for her husband with Parkinson’s Disease) is first class and she is very pleased.

Another lady has complimented the patience and cheerfulness of the carers, which is greatly appreciated, when they are dealing with her husband, who has Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. He often wishes to stay in bed and the carers have great difficulty in getting him up and about, but they deal with him compassionately and with great care. His wife appreciates the support she receives, which enables him to stay with her in their home.

The family of our oldest resident, are pleased with the service provided by There4U, until she sadly passed away last Friday, 13th October at the age of 93. This meant that she was able to stay in the home that she loved, with the happy memories of having lived there with her husband and, thus, avoided the possibility of moving into a residential care home, which was her greatest fear.

Whenever I meet the There4U carers, they are focussed, cheerful and so obviously truly caring about the people with whom they interact. They are a great asset to Jo Broom, as attitude always filters from the top downwards!

Yours faithfully

LYNN M JAMES (Mrs) Estate Manager

Cognatum Testimonial for There4U