Elizabeth (Bish) Green

Total Foot Health Ltd

Elizabeth (known as Bish) is a director of Total Foot Health Ltd in Brown Street, Salisbury.

Bish qualified as a Chiropodist in 1985 and after working in the NHS for 10 years, started a private practice with her husband, Lyndon Jones who is a consultant podiatric surgeon. They are both passionate about providing the best possible care for their patients. 2 years ago we enrolled on a business coaching contract with a company who specialise in Podiatry businesses. This has given them the skills to work on being team leaders, mentoring the team and putting systems into place to enable the business to grow.

Total Foot Health was set up 8 years ago in Brown street. It has developed into a thriving, award winning business with a team of podiatrists and administrators providing a wide range of solutions for foot, ankle and leg problems.

Podiatry is a small and relatively unknown profession, and Total foot Health is a high quality clinic with highly qualified professionals, able to provide a wide range of solutions for many different types of foot pain such as: corns/callous and verrucae, in-growing toe nails, foot deformities, diabetic foot care, general foot pain including heel pain and ankle pain as well as a range of sports injuries such as ankle, leg and knee pain. We provide the care in a high quality clinic using cutting edge technology and with an holistic attitude to care. We are unique in the profession as we have a team approach to care, with weekly clinical and administration meetings providing the best care to patients.

The main competitor to our business is ignorance of the population as to how we can help solve their problems. For this reason Bish is keen to be involved in as many groups in our area to educate all on how we can keep you walking, working and playing pain free.