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Ira Blake

Co-Owner of Light My Space


Light My Space


Lighting Design

I’m Ira of Light My Space, a lighting design company, that I co-own with my husband, James Humphries. Light My Space has been providing lighting design and advice to homeowners, property owners and Independent businesses around Salisbury and South Wiltshire since setting up in 2007. We are specialists in providing the information and products you need, to install both functional and beautiful lighting from design idea to installation. Our design team believe any space can be improved with good lighting and turn rooms you need to be in into rooms you want to be in. We work with homeowners and small businesses to find lighting systems, fixtures and design custom lights for their specific spaces and requirements.

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A bit about Light My Space:

In every lighting design project, Light My Space consider multiple aspects of lighting way beyond those of style and colour. Great lighting design will lift your mood, make you more productive and help you relax. Your preferences and interests are where we start, for example – lifestyle choices, health and wellbeing, reducing your eco-footprint and the latest technologies. We enjoy the challenge of finding lighting options for individuals and their unique spaces, including sourcing beautiful lumières, integrating lighting into fixtures and furniture and making custom solutions. So, if you’re interested in getting your lighting right – talk to us… because there’s more to light!

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