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I have been involved in the sales arena for pretty much all of my working life. After leaving school with a few ‘O’ levels and, much to my mum and dad’s disappointment, no ‘A’ levels I started at Lloyds Bank in Blandford Forum. I quickly made my way into sales as an authorised representative tasked with offering customers the range of products the bank sold at the time, pensions, life assurance, credit cards and the like. This quickly became soulless and I decided to look for something a bit more enjoyable. By now I had been moved by the bank to Andover and decided to leave and join a local company who sold automotive paints and materials. I spent my days driving around in a Ford Transit van visiting body shops and selling from the back of my van. Good times but, as a family business, there was little opportunity for moving up the corporate ladder so I decided to join a Vauxhall dealership who wanted to take on sales people who were not from a car sales background. Having always been very interested in quality cars I eventually saw an opportunity to join a Mercedes franchise in Southampton where I worked for six fantastic years promoting the Mercedes and Smart product to fleet and local business. The downside of the dealer Network was the working hours and travelling, meaning I couldn’t really see my two young children (at the time - not now, they are 22 and 25!) growing up so I decided to take matters into my own hands and set up my company, now (May 2022) entering it's 18th year of business. With a very strong and loyal and growing customer base I am delighted to help with all aspects of buying and selling vehicles both cars and vans and I look forward to meeting and assisting new customers in the future.

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I help business and private individuals with the supply of cars and vans, both new and used, for outright purchase or on finance. With access to a wide range of the most competitive finance companies available I can take time to ensure that my customers are offered the right package at the right price for their requirements. With 17 years of experience in this field I have gained knowledge in all aspects of managing vehicles both through a business and privately and can help with any make, model and specification of vehicle. I actively look to purchase cars and vans and have a retail unit in Wilton to store and display vehicles for sale.

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